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Kalkine strives to provide you with exclusive stock reports based on comprehensive research of industry, stock, and movements across markets and sectors.

Our team of experts has curated a list of interesting stocks across diverse sectors to help you build-up and strengthen your investment portfolio.

Experience a premium service when you come on board with KALKINE and gain access to a variety of ASX stock recommendations from our experts.

This is your chance to get relevant insights and be empowered to make the right investment decision with an aim to grow and strengthen your portfolio.

Past Stock Recommendations*

Networks Limited

Buy Price: $0.935
Sell Price: 1.035



Accent Group Limited

Buy Price: $1.435
Sell Price: $2.130



Oliver's Real Food Limited

Buy Price: $0.047
Sell Price: $0.057



Dicker Data Limited

Buy Price: $1.785
Sell Price: $6.710



James Hardie Industries plc

Buy Price: $18.300
Sell Price: $24.860



NearMap Ltd

Buy Price: $0.630
Sell Price: $3.340



Botanix Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Buy Price: $0.110
Sell Price: $0.245



AP Eagers Ltd

Buy Price: $6.600
Sell Price: $9.840



Webster Limited

Buy Price: $1.410
Sell Price: $1.940



We are proud to provide the best market reports to our Customers!

Our Investor Report could be your best guide to cherry-pick some undervalued stocks.

We, at Kalkine, focus on ASX-listed companies trading at discounts relative to our estimate of its intrinsic value. To break it down, we take a detailed strategic assessment of the industry dynamics to identify the stocks trading lower than their actual worth, which is then followed by a diligent assessment to derive intrinsic value of the stock based on fundamental analysis and a range of other scenarios. Our past reports say it all! Since inception, we have covered legions of stocks under investor report, proudly returning the consistent results with targets achieved.

Get your hands on our resources report and hack the interplay between sectors!

Australia is a resource-rich land backed by strong demand for commodities from China and multiple emerging global economies. Given this scenario, investment in the resource sector has gained tremendous traction over the years, driving the investors’ interest in Australian mining and energy companies. The understanding of resource companies could, however, be a hurdle for investors; but there is nothing to worry, we have your back!

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  • Investor Report covers industrial and financial stocks.
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  • Resources Report cover mining and energy companies’ stocks.
  • Easy to identify value stocks.
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