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AU Investor Report (Top 3 performers) 9 month Average*

WPP Aunz Ltd (ASX:WPP)

since recommendation

Reece Ltd (ASX: REH)

since recommendation

Credit Corp Group Limited (ASX: CCP)

since recommendation

*Gains have been estimated using average buy values in view of multiple recommendations given over time (4th May 2020 – 27th January 2021).
The same also takes into account dividends over the length of coverage. Past performance is neither an indicator nor a guarantee of future performance.Investment in stocks involves a high degree of risks, hence an appropriate due diligence is required.
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Market Outperformers in a Short Time Span*

graph1 *Note: ASX All Ordinaries Index serves as a benchmark for the comparison. Relative Performance since 4th May 2020 Rebased to 100; Data source ASX, Refinitiv, chart created by Kalkine (*4th May 2020 – 27th January 2021)

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